its herb dryin time

man, i wish that went along better to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time

anyways – that time of the year has come when the first frost is just around the corner and you realize you have this BASIL beast growing away in your herb garden

what do i do with it all?
wellz – the past couple of years you could bob and weave your way through my garage during the beginning of the fall, trying not to knock into one of the zillion bushels of herbs drying out. this method does work well, but, being the rather impatient one that i am, this year i just didnt feel like waiting the couple of weeks that it takes, then having to bag/jar it all up to either freeze or store in the pantry

thankfully Farmer T did the leg work on researching this awesome Dehydrator which takes just ONE DAY to dry out two 8oz jars of herbs – tooooo cool right?!

this is what just 4 stalks of my plant looks like laid out on the drying racks (oh yeah – and when the directions say to ‘cut the leaves in half lengthwise to aid in the drying process’, you may want to actually listen to them. they may have tested this a couple of times!)

of course – my trusty sous chefs were on hand to assist in all herb-prep matters

here’s just a couple of hours in – already starting to shrivel up

and boy were the pooches pooped by the 24 hour mark!

keeping a watchful eye on the dehydrator is such a tough job :0)


i ended up ordering another set of racks (they come in packs of two) and two more sets of the fine mesh tray inserts that lay on the rack to prevent smaller herbs from slipping through the cracks

i have sage cooking away in there now, ready to pack in jars when i get home from work tonight… LOTS more herbies in the garden to dry out for the season!!


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