i remember

the hubster and i started this post-race tradition of hitting up one of our favorite breakfast joints in town after my races to have a celebratory eggs, bacon and hashbrown goodness… in fact, most of the time, on the last leg of my race, i start fantasizing about that plate of food!

i don’t have this magnet on my stove for nuthin’
chewed on by the lovely Lexi-monster!

when we just finished up eating i noticed this sign hanging on the wall behind usand couldnt help but think, ‘so dayum tru!’

if i hadnt put myself up to the challenege last year, how could i ever know today that i could not only complete 3 triathlons, but continue to kick my last event’s time in the butt?!
i finished 65th out of 1600 participants and 6th in my age division… and last year it was 299th out of 1438 and 15th in my age division.

seeing progress in my race times and placings just reaffirms the fact to me that whatever i am doing in training is paying off and e.v.e.r.y single day i am learn something new about all of it!

so yesterday morning when we walked over to the start of the race on pretty much the exact same beach where i stood just ten years ago during highschool, watching black smoke pluming from the twin towers… lets just say the normal emotions that are flying through my body and mind at the start of a race were def in super-turbo-overdrive mode. the moment of silence and the national anthem left me with some salty jewels trickling down my cheeks

we were all there that morning with the same mindset, and true to typical american spirit, the commraderie, patriotism and rememberance weren’t skipping any beats. in fact, we all got some sweet high fives for the american flags we markered on for the race:

the day was great! mother nature showered us on the bike ride for a bit… but i looked at it like ‘thanks for cleaning the salt water off of me from the swim’. even though it caused me to drop my water bottle because my hands were so slippery :0) and one of my fave parts was having cuzz right along side of me for the entire leg of the swim. i kept looking over at her and the smile on her face warmed my soul. we high-fived in the water and she tells me ‘this is SO COOL – I’m hooked!’

(AWESOME job on your first TRI cuzzy-cuzz – here’s to MANY more)

another one bites the dust, but i’m not done with the season yet!
just signed up for a duathlon in october and a 5-mile run in november… what more is to come?
who knows… as long as proceeds go to a good cause and its a good challenge, i’m there!

p.s. still flyin high from the tri :0)

P.S.S. there’s still time to enter into the salsa giveaway – just leave a comment letting me know if you want a pint or half-pint and i’ll pull together a drawing shortly!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nance on 2011/09/12 at 15:54

    Good Job! How you felt about your cuz was how I felt with you doing the tri last year. Brings a salty jewle to my cheek:)


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/09/12 at 17:08

      i bet! I’m glad i was able to experience it with you last year to pass on the good feelings :0)


  2. Posted by Susan on 2011/09/12 at 16:24

    How sweet it was!

    -Susan, the bike ride member of the “3 Awesome Chix” Relay team


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/09/12 at 17:15

      i’m so stoked you guys participated and got to feel the rush of the competition… have i planted the bug in you too?!?!


  3. Posted by sar on 2011/09/13 at 01:22

    Melis, i keep replaying yesterday in my head and it makes me smile so big! Thank you for bringing me into the world of tri’s..you made my first so memorable..something i will never ever forget! AND you make me wanna keep going and going! I had so much fun with you from the very start of rising our bikes with you and aunt sues hatlight to our cheers in the parking lot! It really was an amazing experience and i thank you! Can;t wait for our next endeavor. Love ya!


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/09/13 at 09:58

      love u more! something nance said that i’ll never forget, the woman that goes into that event is not the same one who comes out – so true!!



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