a-corny squash & a-FREEbie

as part of my sacrificial planting scheme for my garden this year, i ended up with some winter squash product that i wasn’t really expecting but was very happy to receive

this summer opened up a whole new world to my taste buds! i got to try spaghetti squash for the first time in my life, and i sadly regret not trying it sooner

and now, these cool lil green things (ie acorn squash) hit ripening level just the the other day in the garden. luckily the WordPress dashboard highlighted this blog post so i could try out this recipe… talk about timing right?!

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i followed the recipe just as it was, accompanied with some chicken and rice… MMMM boy was it deelish! i even caught the antiveggie-eatinghubster kinda liking it too :0)

enough veggie talk for now – we’re on to the freebie goodness!

myspace image at Gickr

if you’d like to receive a pint or half pint of my very own homemade salsa, leave a comment telling me which size you’d like to win and i’ll put a drawing together shortly!
yuup, it’s that simple… and if you want to be extra special, if you haven’t already, LIKE the new page on Facebook!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Your squash look terrific. So does the salsa. Enter me for a half pint, pretty please.


  2. Posted by Rachel on 2011/09/09 at 14:26


    Great job on the blog – very impressive! The salsa looks very yummy too! I think you need a label of your own…Mamma Mel’s Salsa!



  3. […] disclaimer « a-corny squash & a-FREEbie […]


  4. Posted by Danielle on 2011/09/15 at 10:50

    I would like the largest size possible! 🙂 I can taste it already, it looks like there’s large chunks of tomatoes in there! Mmm!


  5. I agree with Danielle, sign me up!!


  6. […] last but not least – the WINNER of the salsa giveaway is: […]



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