smooth transitions

the overflowing duffel bag i toted to my first tri last year… well, lets just say, you could spot the NEWB from a mile away!

thankfully, since then, i had the opportunity to hit up a clinic where a seasoned pro simplified the whole transition process for me… to the point that when i was riding home from it all i could think was ‘what was i thinking having all of that stuff with me?!’ seriously, i think i had everything but the kitchen sink!

this post goes out especially to the tri-hards and new-comers in our ‘weekend warriors’ group who got together pretty much every weekend for the past couple of months for an open water swim sesh, sometimes a bike or a run, or D: all of the above. i tried to get a ‘mini clinic’ together a couple of weeks before my Jersey Girl Tri, but schedules conflicted and it never happened – so here’s the eVersion for ya girls!

don’t mind the broomstick/chair make-shift rack – i told you i was crafty :0)

so, here’s the basic setup of what your transition area is going to look like:things get really tight on the rack, especially when they try to cram as many bikes as humanly possible, and then some, onto it. try to keep everything as slim and tight as you can and out of the walkway… getting back from the swim to find one of your bike shoes that’s been kicked 10 feet away = NO FUN!

you’re going to put the seat of your bike over the rack and have the bike facing towards the ‘bike out’ gate. putting a tell tale piece of something ~like the purple bandana i have on there~ helps you find your ‘spot’ when you come back from the to ditch your bike and grab your running gear

a breakdown of the bike stuff:

aright, so here goes!
you come in from the swim, pull off your goggles and swim cap on your trot to the transition area. grab the towel thats drapped next to your bike for a quick dry off (dont get crazy, this is a TRI, you ARE going to be wet and will mostly dry off on your bikeride)

first on – sunglasses!
then put your helmet on your head, strap, tighten
have your bike shoes already opened up and ready to stick your feet in to strap up

AND YOU’RE OFF on the bike!

on the bike ride, remember to fuel up – bring along an electrolyte based drink and a regular water, you’ve got about 30 or so minutes of riding as fast as your legs will possibly take you

stash your bike on the rack the opposite way it came out

next up is the run – ditch your bike shoes and helmethave your socks filled with powder and pre-rolled so you can easily slide your foot right in
lace up your sneaks
grab your hat
grab your race number/bib belt and watch (if you like to wear one)


the first bit of the run (to most people) is going to feel like you’re running into a brick wall – hence the reason they call the bike to run transition ‘the bricks’. just stick it out and keep your stride short and choppy, you’ll get your running legs back before you know it

and that’s it ladies and gents… some things i make sure i always have in my tri-bag
baby powder – helps get the sand off your feet
body glide – does this even need an explanation?!
the race number/bib belt – about $5 at the expo and one of my fave gadgets… it saves you from having to pin your race bib onto your shirt either beforehand or during the transition… every second counts!

so… if you weren’t a TRI-er before this post, have i swayed you into trying one out?!
check out what this dude did if you’re on the fence about it!

my last tri of the season is this sunday 9/11 and i’m super stoked to be participating in it!
the adrenaline that races through my veins and the tri-high i have for about a week are unexplainable until you actually do one for yourself.

i to TRI – do U ?

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/09/08 at 11:48

    And I am honored to participate in this Tri- with my 2 team-mates, Liz and Dusty – as the “Three Awesome Chixs”.




    • Posted by Mel on 2011/09/08 at 11:57

      i am SO EXCITED to be able to participate with AND cheer on my ma’ dukes, SIL and best bud too!!


  2. Posted by Sarah on 2011/09/08 at 13:16

    so super excited to be experiencing my first tri with you Melis! thanks for talking me into it 🙂 xo



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