wine fest recap

on friday i mentioned we’d be hitting up a wine festival this weekend…

this year was by far even better than last! i don’t know if it was the dismal weather forecast or the fact that Irene scared away a lot of the people who would have still been in town for it, either way it worked out to our advantage!!

short lines – you could actually see the table this year!
i was a trooper and hit up e.v.e.r.y.s.i.n.g.l.e. tent there :0)

some snaps of all of the NJ Vineyards who represented at the event:

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and, of course, this wouldn’t be complete without some feedback, right?!

~just a sip was tasted of each of these~
maybe i went back for seconds on some of the good ones tho!

Amalthea Cellars
2008 Chardonnay Sur Lie – ok

Auburn Road Vineyards
Kind of Blue (Blueberry) – GREAT
Battleship New Jersey Red – good
Merlot Reserve 2008 – ok

Bellview Winery
Jersey Devil White – GREAT
Jersey Devil Red – GREAT
Blueberry – good
Cranberry – good
Dandelion – ok

Chestnut Run Farm
‘no grapes harmed in the making of these wines’ such a cute slogan
Dry Crisp Asian Pear Wine – good
Semi Sweet Asian Pear Wine – ok
Fuji Apple Wine – good
Spiced Sweet Asian Pear Wine – ok

Coda Rosa
Peacho Grigio – good
Blue Moon Port – GREAT

Cream Ridge Winery
Sangria – good
Chocolateberry – GREAT

DiBella Winery
2008 Merlot – ok

DiMatteo Winery
Jersey Red – GREAT
Niagara – GREAT
Jersey White – GREAT

4JG Orchards and Vineyards
Chardonay 2009 – the first wine of the day i actually spit out!
Monmouth Blush – the second wine of the day i spit out and even worse than the first – two thumbs down!
Frappe Vino – the third wine of the day i spit out – i thought ‘third times a charm’… not so much

Four Sisters Winery
Niagara – good
Beaver Creek Red – good
Strawberry Sangria – not good at all, it tasted like there was dirt on the strawberries still

Heritage Winery
Jersey Red (Sweet Concord) – good
Jersey White – good
Blueberry – good

Hopewell Valley Vineyards
Merlot – good
Porto Bianco (White Port) – ok

Laurita Winery
Down the Shore White – ehh… kind of watery for my tasting
Relaxing Red – good

Old York Cellars
Malbec (the only type made in NJ!) – very GOOD

Plagido’s Winery
Chardonnay – good
Merlot – good
Chambourcin – good – a really interesting coffee/chocolate/berry taste

Renault Winery
Blueberry Champagne – yuck!
Chardonnay – not so great

Sharrott Winery
Unoaked Chardonnay – good
Just Peachy Sangria – GREAT
Summer Sangria – GREAT

Silver Decoy Winery
2010 Black Feather Chardonnay – good
2009 Merlot – good
Ugly Duckling Red – GREAT

Tomasello Winery
Red Raspberry Wine – good
Blu-Pom Wine – good, nice taste for a summer day
Blackberry Wine – good

Unionville Vineyards
Revolutionary Red – GREAT
Heritage White – good
Cool Foxy Lady – good – btw thanks to my SIL i learned a dessert wine is NOT a desert wine, thankfully before i ordered my sampling! :0)

Valenzano Winery
2009 Vidal Blanc – GREAT
Red, White & Blueberry Sangria – GREAT, i think im in love
“The Original” Jersey Devil Port – ok

Wagonhouse Winery
2010 Chardonnay – good
Orney Apple Pie – very good, tasted just like an apple pie!
Sweet Love – GREAT

halfway through my wine tasting adventure the crew left me to fend for myself, i guess they were ‘wined-out’ for the time being

so i picked up one of those neat lil wine glass holders, i fit right in with all of the other wine-crazed-people right away!

when will i ever use it again, besides at a wine fest, might you ask?!
err – making dinner last night – two free hands at all times and wine always close-by – SCORE
around the campfire – the dogs can’t spill whats around your neck
i’m sure i can find more uses for something that keeps the vino so close to the heart :0)

ps – check out what these guys do with old wine barrels, too cool huh?!

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/09/07 at 13:53

    Very comprehensive wine review… you were very busy! And where on earth can I get those wine barrel tables from? One of those would be perfect in a special room in my “cellar”.



  2. Posted by Nance on 2011/09/07 at 13:59

    And to think I just turned my lovely, climate control wine cellar into an art room. the racks hold paint and canvas perfectly.


  3. So this wine holder that you speak of…What does it look like and how does it work? Also you forgot to list how wasted you were on a scale of 1 to 10 by the time you “Sipped” all of the wines. LOL


  4. Looks like a great time. I love seeing how barrels are reused. I like the lazy susans people make for table tops. And I love the barrel bars you pictured.



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