beachy beach

this post was made for every-bodies enjoyment
~but especially for my family who recently moved to Utah~

here’s a lil taste of the jersey shore–>

look how empty the beach is for labor day weekend!
normally you can’t even move around without tripping on someones blanket or chair
oh Irene – you may have caused some mass destruction and power outages but boy oh boy do i thank you so much for sending the crazies home early this year!

it was beautiful, like we had our own little oasis to ourselves

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and an absolute fave of mine – ya’ gotta love the waves

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the damp sand and the neat little artifacts my SIL and i were finding in the tide line – thanks again Irene – inspired me to create a new icon for the hungry for living site

AND – i stepped up my blogging game and finally made a page on Facebook!!
it should be but if that isn’t working (still working out the kinks), search for me with ‘hungry for living’

see, i told ya some changes are taking place this week on the blog :0)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nance on 2011/09/06 at 13:15

    Thanks. This Labor day we were 11,000 feet above sea level and having a snowball fight from snow left over from the winter! change is good I quess


  2. P.S the Louisiana peeps love the pics too! 🙂



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