every pet deserves a home

i find i am reading more and more in the news everyday about the efforts people are making to support adopting pets

just the other day i read this press release by PJ’s Pet and Pets Unlimited about how they are no longer going to sell puppies in their stores and are instead going to focus on pet adoption services in an effort to find homes for the thousands of animals in shelters, humane societies, rescue groups and SPCAs

what an ingenious concept to proclaim – i back that 200%!!!

Companies like Helotes Creek Winery and Mutt Lynch Winery have created special labels with pictures of actual foster pets who need homes and are donating money to shelters each time a bottle is purchased.

who needs papers anyway?!
what is having a purebred or a mutt going to make?
it should be about the love and the bond that you and your animal create

i do confess – i may be partially biased to this whole movement: my dog growing up, North, was sold to us, with papers, stating he was a purebred lab. when my mom and i brought him home my dad goes ‘is that dirt all over him?!’ – what ‘purebred lab’ with papers do you know that is black with the brown/caramel colorings on his paws and eyebrows of a rotty and grew up to be the size of a small horse with a heart of GOLD?!

after i was out of college, i knew i wanted to adopt my own dog so badly, so when my husband and i purchased our first home two years ago, within days of moving in i was searching the internet on sites like PetFinder.com and local rescue groups looking for a rescue pup. i didn’t care who he was, where he came from, or what awards his parents/grandparents may have won at some fancy dog show… i just wanted to make sure i was saving the life of at least one dog out there who was heading for euthanasia in a kill shelter

two years later we now have two rescue pups on our hands, entertaining the heck out of us, our friends, our families, and showering us with more LOVE and doggie kisses than we know what to do with sometimes

do me a favor please, if you want a pet, ADOPT.
they need homes too.

they did not have any choice to end up in the SPCA, shelter, rescue group or humane society they are currently residing in… most of them just buying their time until it becomes too crowded where they are and they get shipped off to a kill shelter.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/08/31 at 15:42

    I saw a sign on a local store the other day:

    “Your bred dog means a dead dog. Support your local pet rescue shelters.”


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/08/31 at 15:46

      it’s all about awareness! even if just one person changes their thinking towards pet adoption because of this post I’d be a happy sailor :0)



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