We made out far better than we could have fared from Irene! I’ll take what we got any day, no trees down on our property, but the power IS still out…

the fun got started with a lazy Saturday of making last minute preparations, anxiously waiting around with family for the BIG storm to hit. when the trees started a rockin’ and the power went out we knew the night of turbulence was just getting underway.

we woke up to the eye just settling in over us. it was such a weird feeling lingering in the air. a quick look around the neighborhood, seeing trees down left and right, tearing down power lines like it was their job, we knew the worst flew over us while we were snoozin away


they don’t think power will be on for at least a couple of days, but thankfully the buses, trains and ferries are up and running to the city so having some electricity and a solid Internet connection for 8 hours is looking REALLY nice about now!

isnt it kind of crazy how sometimes it takes a natural disaster like this to realize how connected we would really like to be?!

I can honestly say I’m not minding it too much. we have hot water and gas and a generator running here and there to keep the food in the fridge from spoiling… kinda feels like we’ve been camping – actually a nice little treat since we’ve been talking about going on a camp trip for a while now!

be back on the flip side with my salsa experiment from Saturday afternoon

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