prepare yo’self

sung to the tune of Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners:

Come on Irene, will you be really mean?
And make your way up, to the Jersey Shorrrrrre
With you on our minds, we’re securing the lines.
Are you coming? Ah, come on Irennnnnne!

thank you, thank you – i thought of that all by myself :0)

soooooo – with the possible arrival of Hurricane Irene to the east coast this weekend, it seems like the media, neighborhoods, offices – and pretty much everywhere – are buzzing in anticipation of what’s to come

boats are frantically being pulled out of local marinas, lawn furniture is being secured or stowed away, windows are being boarded up, pantries and fridges are being stocked… some areas, like the Carolinas, are even starting evacuations

what can you do to prepare yo’self for this hurricane that may touch down?!

these are the main tips i found on NOAA’s site, but check here for further information:

develop a plan
know your homes vulnerability to storm surge, flooding, and wind
determine a safe room or safe area in your home
determine escape routes and places to meet
determine what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate
prepare your pets – food, vaccines, ID, current picture
check your insurance coverage – especially flood
stock non-perishable emergency supplies
create a disaster supply kit
check batteries in flashlights and smoke detectors
get a weather radio or put new batteries in the one you have
fill your cars with gas
put away or secure anything in your yard that could fly away or be blown by the wind
NOAA has highlighted these resources for securing your home:

i’ll admit, a good ol’ storm coming is really, really exciting to me – call me crazy, but i have forever loved heading down to the beach to check out the waves when a big storm is rolling in or playing in the flooded streets on boogie boards and paddle boats, even seeing trees come down in my parents backyard during the Nor’easters of the ’90s still raises the hair on my arms… however, now that i am a homeowner, that thought of preparing for the worst but hoping for the best is ringing true even more so!

we may not get anything besides a lot of rain and wind, or we may need to ‘batten down the hatches’ when Irene comes rolling through – only mother nature knows for sure what is in store for us

but, by following some simple precautions to prepare yourself and your family, staying informed and alert, developing a plan and keeping in contact with your loved ones,  you can soundly say you did everything you could to prepare yo’self!


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  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/08/25 at 13:40

    Time for a trip to the Pumphouse at Phillips and Roosevelt Ave., Deal.. Surfing anyone?


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