perhaps you have seen some of these crazy – should be dwelling on mars – creations popping up in your yard over the past few days

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i have seen a bunch on my walk to and from my bus stop in the morning and couldnt help but take a pic … yes, that weirdo on the side of the street taking pictures in your front yard probably was me!

so – like usual, the questions started brewing in my brain:

why are we seeing them?
what do you do to get rid of them?
how can they effect us and our pets?

WHY they form:

the record breaking recent rainfall we have been experiencing is definitely a major contender in the reason department. but also – per the weekend gardener

Lawn mushrooms are simply the product of fungi infested in your yard soil in one or more areas of your yard. They are actually the fruit of this fungus, and feed off different sources that could be present.

Lawn mushrooms feed off decaying matter such as:
Old mulch
Animal waste
Rotting tree stumps

Abundance of food sources for the fungi in your yard soil will pretty much ensure the presence of lawn mushrooms in your yard. The more food sources for the fungi, the bigger the lawn mushrooms will grow.

That’s the reason sometimes the lawn mushrooms will be very large, and sometimes they will be very small. It all depends on the amount of food sources the fungi has available.

WHAT to do with them and about them:

if they are already popping up in your yard you can pick them – mainly if you want to deter children and pets from eating them – and throw them away, but by the time they have formed, you are already too late, because they are forming from underground mycelia.

controlling them:
reduce over irrigation
improve drainage
remove thatch and aerate

i don’t think i need to say this, but you never know who’s out there reading, DO NOT eat them… surprisingly the APP is reporting that many people in the Garden state have been hospitalized due to eating mushrooms they found  and thought were edible

HOW they can affect us:

well, as you can read in the article linked above, you can end up in the hospital from ingesting them.

symptoms of mushroom poisoning range from GI issues like vomiting and diarrhea to death. they can be especially fatal to pets too – so if you see them in your yard, get rid of them before fido decides to have one as an appetizer

PS – i really hope this post didnt turn you into wild ‘shroom haters
most of them dont harm your lawn or cause any damage, they’re just nature being nature, decomposing organic matter and releasing nutrients back into the soil for plant growth

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  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/08/24 at 15:40

    I have gnomes living under the mushrooms in my yard!




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