ohhhhh seven seven X X

as i mentioned in friday’s post – i’d be heading to the Carton Brewing Company’s launch party at the Twin Light Taphouse to try out their new beers on tap… and try did i :0)

first up, which was just a sip from my bro’s glass, the 077XX – an East Coast Double IPA – and boyyy was it deeeeeeee-lish! the write up on their website describes it to a T:

since i already tried some of the IPA, i decided to get a pint of the Launch Golden Ale which was mighty tasty as well, they hit the nail on the head for a ‘summer beer to go with a burger’:

then i finished off the night in the 077XX department, because a taste from my bro’s glass was just not enough! i think i may have found my fave Carton Brewing Company’s beer – for now – check out THIS SITE to read about the three awesome beers they have a’ brewin’ away in their ‘Tippy’… my growler is patiently waiting to be filled :0)

in the meantime, get ur bumm over to the Taphouse (or check here for the other locations their beer is available) to try one out for yourself!

and check out my BEER PAGE for more flavorful bits of goodness


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