this past weekend i was hunting up and down the aisles of our local spirits megastore in search of an IPA that the pa dukes would like … usually this isn’t a big deal as he has a wide range of favorites, but i had this ‘needed to be in a can’ parameter that was greatly limiting my options (no glass is allowed inside of the speedway – i wonder why?!)

one flustered call to the Bro-front and i had the info i needed:
does dad like this one? nope… okay, does he like this one? no… alllllright. how about this one? yeah?! he’s tried it!? you KNOW for sure he likes it?! okay, thanks bro, catch ya later

enter the catch

Snapperhead IPA by Butternuts Beer & Ale

i wish i took a picture of my dads face when he opened up his personalized cooler filled with a six-pack of this at the race saturday night… i think the comment went something along the lines of ‘never in my life did i expect my daughter to hand me a beer with a name like this!’ :0) I have to admit, they have some GREAT marketing people on their hands!!

it had such an interesting taste that i have yet to experience in an IPA, a little nutty and definitely a summer beer in my books, as its really smooth, yet hoppy, and probably would go really well with a bbq chicken salad or something hot off the grill…

it’s been added to the BEER page – check out some of my other faves here


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