back in time

i should have queued the twilight zone music on friday afternoon in preparation of the time warp that took place this weekend…

the party got started at our town’s classic fireman’s fair – they celebrated their 125th anniversary this year… pretty kewl huh!? and thankfully in the past 125 years, not too much has changed :0) just the way i like it

granted – i do enjoy me-self some raging coasters and the lights, gadgets and gizmos that some fairs offer, but it really is so humbling to be able to take a step back a handful of decades every now and then to enjoy the simpler things in life. classics like coin tosses and firetruck rides… and then there is the FOOD

i always try to make it for the double lobster night special. you betcha i thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of those two babies… the poor lobsters should have known who was coming for them! just shells and lungs were left behind, i gobbled up and dissected every last bite that i could, even the melt in your mouth rib meat – and who could leave out sucking the leg meat… mmmm i heart the lobstery GOODNESS!

the nostalgic party didn’t stop there though – saturday night was another flashback in time to the Wall Stadium Speedway… lots of reminiscing was done by the fam in the parking lot before the races got started – stories of our parents on dates in their high school years and whatnot, too cute right?! and this place hasn’t changed a beat since then either!!

i’ll be the first to admit, i am not too into the car racing scene, but this place is a freakin hoot to hit up regardless of that. car lover or not, i highly recommend taking your family and friends here for a fun saturday night.

between the people, the scenery, the sweet smell of burning rubber, the deafening sound of the cars whizzing by, the heat from the cars reaching you even high up in the stands… you can’t beat it!

the night was filled with races of the Legends, Minis, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, and Modifieds. the competitive vibes that were flying through the air was priceless… and we were even lucky enough to sit right in front of a group of extremely entertaining people who had some family and friends in the races… mannnn did i learn a lot from them!!

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im not really sure what they had to do with car racing but the Ghost Busters were there too, providing some fun in between the races

and what is a race without crashes, right?
(besides their pride, no one was hurt)

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/08/15 at 14:21

    In getting caught up in the pace that modern technologies compel us to follow, and to be constantly connected to the world because of our cell phones and iPads, enjoying weekends like this are such a treat. We need to make them happen more frequently.



  2. Posted by nance on 2011/08/15 at 20:55

    Now I miss the lobster and the fair and so was thinking of that all weekend. But car races when my dad brought me I brought a book with ear plugs. But I LOVED the demolition part that was always fun. Glad you all have a great time:)


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