big kid bikes

after completing my first tri last september on BIG RED

yes, i name my means of transportation, dont you?! she def goes by Big Red most of the time, except when im hauling @$$ up a hill i do have a tendency to call her Besse… c’monnnn besse!!

anyways, after seeing all of the sleek and light bikes lined up in the transition area, and maybe the 68 year old woman who went whizzing past me like it was nothing had a large part to do with it, i decided i needed to start saving up  to purchase a big kid bike

all i wanted for christmas and my birthday was money towards Mel’s SUPAFAST bike fund… and that i got! although it took me until june to finally purchase my speed demon

meet AXEL:

aint he a beaut?! it’s a Trek Lexa – and coincidentally AXEL just happens to be Lexa backwards :0) no really, i thought a manly, speedy name was just so fitting for him

i rode for a couple of weeks with the stock cage pedals, not really minding it too much, but the peanut gallery kept telling me i needed to get the ‘clipless’ pedals – which, btw, whoever named them clipless is on crack, you clearly clip you feet into them!! soooo, back to the bike shop i went to get these babies put on:

they’re by Shimano – who the bike gurus told me was the way to go.

I’ll be 110% honest, i was scared to DEATH to try these. me… the person who has a hard enough time just walking was going to now be clipped to her bike?! my brother was right, i needed a football helmet and full body armor to go out with them! but… surprisingly, i took to them in seconds and – i know this sounds soooooo cliché – i really like how i almost feel like i am one with my bike instead of just riding IT. weird concept, and the whole pushing the pedal at the same time you’re pulling up with the other foot, man are there some butt muscles that have never seen the light of day until now!

complementing the pedals are, of course, the biking shoes to go along with it:

which, if it weren’t for the fact that the soles are rock solid, id be sporting them around town on a regular basis – NOT! haha :0)

soooo – i think i’m geared up to the nines for my bike portion of the race on sunday… fingers crossed mother nature holds out on the rain that is forecasted for the morning. speaking of which, any seasoned bikers out there have any tips for racing in the rain?!

catch ya after the weekend with some results – have a good one!


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  1. Posted by nance on 2011/08/05 at 19:31

    Tip for biking on a big girl bike in the rain. HOLD ON TIGHT!!! and pray. thin tires no like rain:)


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