really, you can compost that?!

my first friend was over last night for her pre-bday-celebration-dinner… and i say ‘first’ because our friendship’s history can be traced alllllll the way back to toddling around my family room floor in our diapers… i may not have known at the time that this wonderful woman would still be by my side today, but its hella cool to know she’s dealt with me for this long and still loves me :0)


okay… so the trip down memory lane segways me into my composting post idea because after she got done chopping up the avocados (yes, i put my guests to work!) for the fresh guacamole to accompany our fajitas, she asked if i had a container to put scraps into for my compost barrel. why yes i do! i actually started to keep a container in the fridge that i empty once a week… keeps it from getting all stinky

which brings up a common question:
what exactly can you put into your compost pile?!

planet green has saved the day – and lots of time researching – by putting together this list of 75 items you probably didn’t think you could compost, but actually CAN!

fruit and vegetable scraps, grass clippings and leaves are the norm… but did you know you can also toss in coffee filters, tea bags, stale bread, paper products, fur from the dog/cat brush … i dont want to spoil the surprise of the other items you can stick in there – so check out the rest of their list HERE you will probably be just as surprised as i was to learn about some of these items!

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  1. Posted by nance on 2011/08/02 at 16:39

    Great information thanks



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