funky monkey

FEILE – pronounced FAY-LAY… yeah, it only took me a handful of times going to this place and butchering the name (fay-eee-lay, fai-lai) until i finally asked the waiter how to pronounce it the other day…

located conveniently steps away from Penn Station in NYC, it has become one of our favorite places to have lunch on those fridays that you are just craving for the weekend to begin early. their beer list is what had me at ‘hello’ – many pages long, new flavors i have never heard of, all waiting for me to try them out!

Victory Golden Monkey was my latest victim, and has since made it’s way onto my BEER page… it kind of reminded me of the Blue-Moon-ish citrusy aftertaste, with a bit of a hoppy beginning, just the right blend of goodness if you ask me :0)

i will definately be ordering this one again… 9.5% alcohol content may have you buzzing a little sooner than you had planned on, but some days it’s totally worth it isnt it?!

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  1. […] and ‘whatnot-er’ beers, i didnt know where to start, but i did know that Victory and me have a good history together… so i decided to order the FESTBIER… and am VERY happy i […]



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