where the beer flows like water

back in the college days you could usually find me at a party with an all-American generic {Budweiser, Miller, Coors} beer, in hand… and quite honestly, i would much rather drink water when offered something like that these days :0)

within the past couple of years i think my family has turned me into a wine and (especially) beer snob – and im totally not denying it one bit!

it’s all kinda meshed into a bit of a blur, but i think brother B and de-pa got into beer making around the same time the ma dukes got into wine making. the juices have been steadily flowing ever since! family and friends come to parties we have with anticipations of tasting their latest concoctions of flavors. even home grown hops and the pumpkin i had sitting on my front porch last fall have been used!

despite the fact that ive seen it done plenty of times, i’m not really in-the-know of this whole beer making process, the wicked SMELL and the fact that it looks like witches brewing in their cauldrons are probably the biggest things that stand out to me. but i’ll surely be the first in line to taste test anything they come up with!

which leads me into something i’ve been thinking about blogging on for some time… and after hitting up this place this weekend, i decided there is no time like the present to pass on some good info to others

this awesome gastro-pub – the Twin Light Taphouse – which we frequent often, as they offer up an ever changing selection of local beers on tap, constantly has me wanting to try all of their latest brews. we go there primarily for drinking purposes, although their food menu is pretty killer to0 – you gotta try out the wings and the drunken clams… but an annoying part of having food allergies is wanting to try something new and having to peruse the manufacturers website on my iPhone for ingredients while we’re waiting for the waitress to stop by for our order.

SOoooo – i’ve started a BEER PAGE in which i’ll keep updated with the latest wheat-free beers i have tried – and thoroughly enjoyed – from the various restaurants and liquor stores in my travels. check it out and feel free to leave a message about a tasty bit of goodness you may have sampled and feel like passing on, it just may make the list if i can track it down and try it out too!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome idea! I think you deserve your trophy now, don’t you think?


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/07/26 at 09:33

      thank you! and yes, I agree with you – Racer 5 IPA’s ‘a trophy in every glass’ should really mean you get one :0)


  2. […] going to be highlighted at the Twin Light Taphouse (TLT’s site) tonight, with two of their feature beers on […]



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