TJs goodness

i used to make a trip a couple of times a year, about 40 minutes on a good day, to stock up on some of my favorite goods at our closest Trader Joe’s store

i had worked a catering gig one weekend in that town years ago, stopped in to kill some time before my shift started just to see what all of the hoopla was about, and needless to say, fell headover heels in L-O-V-E with the awesomeness they had to offer… three shopping bags later :0)

so – in march, when a TJs store opened up just 6 miles away from us (i still cant contain my giddiness – having one so close to us now!!), you could understand my NEEEED to want to go there as soon as humanly possible!

into the car the hubster and i went… of course, after i conned him into it:

JC: why are you so excited to go to this foodstore?! how is it any different than the one down the street?
M: {trying really hard to stay calm} it is NOT just a F-O-O-D-S-T-O-R-E!
JC: enlighten me
M: they have their own brands of things, made without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, no GMO ingredients, no trans fat and no MSG… errrr, what more do you need in life? oh wait, AND inexpensive prices!
JC: ok, i guess i’ll push the cart for you while you run through the store like a kid being in Disney World for the first time

we got to the parking lot and drove around for quite a while looking for a spot … this should have been my tell-tale as to what was to come once we got inside, but my excitement fogged out anything else that could sanely register in my brain at the time

the place was ab-so-lute-ly mobbed! and this was weeks after the grand opening – jeeeeez, i wonder what that day was like?! i quickly left the hubby to man the cart, the poor guy wandering aimlessly around the store, dodging people like he was dodging bullets in the hood… meanwhile i used my ninja skillz to bob and weave through the crowd for my FAVORITE items

ive heard this from many people – ‘i dont get it, whats so great about that place?!’ – i’ll fill you in on why i like to go there and what brings me back once my container is empty. everyone’s got their faves and they’re always putting new items on their shelves, so i’m sure this list will be changing, but to get you started, you could try out the –>

i have been back to our new store a couple of times since the initial rush, and its definately died down quite a bit, but the weekends are still pretty crazy in there. wednesday nights seem to be the quietest… at least at ours. happy TJ shopping! if you have any ‘regulars’ you pick up while you’re there, share the love, maybe we’re missing out on some other goodness to experience!

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  1. Posted by Susan on 2011/07/20 at 10:50

    From my experience, yes, the TJ’s chicken sausages are the best. They also have this Pollenta/Spinach mix in a bag – all ready to heat up. Manja!



  2. For some reason, their dried apricots are like crack! So GOOOOD. I love their vacuum packed frozen fish–easy for a healthy, weeknight meal. Frozen mango halves, sundried tomatoes, and peanut-butter filled pretzels always make it into the cart as well.



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