dinnertime and the gardens easy

Sublime was hands down my first favorite band and actually still tops my list of musical geniouses… Dave Matthews is a close second, but Bradley Nowell and his crew totally blew me away with their lyrics and beatz when i was still in elementary school… ‘summertiiiiiiime and the livin’s easy’ will forever be playing in my head all summer long :0)

moving on – another lazy sunday dinner of fresh goods from the ever-growing garden

we whipped up lots of grilled veggies and a cucumber salad… now if i only had those backyard chickens, they would have made their way to the grill too!

look at those crazy carrots!! do you know how to grow straight ones?!

the spaghetti squash are almost ripened and i just discovered some butternut squash popping up… anyone have a tasty recipe to share?!

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  1. […] disclaimer « dinnertime and the gardens easy […]


  2. […] the zucchini and yellow squash plants. so, what did i wake up to the other morning, after i was complaining about the amount of spaghetti squash i had growing and didn’t know what to do with?! […]


  3. It’s really great that peploe are sharing this information.



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