organic gardening

we hear this term – ORGANIC GARDENING – so loosely flung around these days… i’m sure everyone has their idea of what its all about… but today i decided to digg a little deeper and find out what it really is all about and how to properly execute it

simply broken down = not using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on your plants

An organic gardener strives to work in harmony with natural systems and to minimize and continually replenish any resources the garden consumes. ~Organic Gardening

but, but, but:
how do you keep pests away without killing them with a fierce dosage of chemicals?
how do you keep the weeds from growing without something like Roundup?
how do you get ginormous plants and a plethora of product without super-charged fertilizers and enhancers?

thankfully there is a wealth of information at our fingertips out there on the world wide web, and i have even included some links to places i was able to find some very useful information:

Organic Pest Control: What Works and What Doesn’t

Organic Gardening Tips

Top 10 Garden Pests and How to Control Them

All Purpose Insect Spray

Weed Control

Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizers

A Beginner’s Guide to Organic Gardening – this article even has a handy guide –>

Use This ~~~~ Not That
Fish and seaweed fertilizer ~~~~ Miracle-Gro
Insecticidal soap ~~~~ Sevin
Clove oil herbicide ~~~~ Roundup
Compost ~~~~ Bagged synthetic fertilizer

and i def have to present the GOLD MEDAL to my brother T for his organic ingeniousness in creating his “Foliar Spray” which he uses on his own garden as well as making the rounds to some other family members – ME included :0) !! i often catch myself reminiscing of the summers we spent helping our Pop in our families’ veggie garden … the many, many hours spent prepping the soil, weeding, tending, and harvesting, all in an effort to be able to enjoy a delicious, home-grown, home-cooked meal. having had the opportunity to learn from him, no matter how many times i may have complained when i was sent out in the blistering heat to weed or harvest the never ending supply of green beans, i absolutely would not trade any of that for the world!

Farmer T’s Foliar Spray Recipe:
1/4 c Fish Emulsion
1/4 c Blackstrap Molasses
1/2 tsp Kelp concentrate
6 tsp Thuricide (Bacillus Thuringiensis)
1/4 c Bayer Natria Disease Control (Bacillus Subtillis)
1/4 c Neem Oil
2 gallons water
mix all of these into a large sprayer (found at a local garden store) and spray away

some more organic gardening facts, provided by Farmer T:

if you use synthetic fertilizers, your garden will become reliant on them. the reason being that they burn out your beneficial bacteria which are crucial for turning organic matter/fertilizer into the salts (N-P-K) needed by your plants

Masanobu Fukuoka – A philosopher/farmer, proved you don’t really need external inputs when your organic garden comes into full swing. Thus, organic methods are costly in the short term but become less needed over the long term.

And don’t forget about the earth worms!!! They take all that organic compost and bring it deep into the ground as well as providing drainage and aeration. And if you’re not careful with what you use you’ll kill them or cause them to leave.

high powered fertilizers also encourage harmful fungus and disease

Happy Organic Gardening my fellow Green Thumbs :0)

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  2. […] clover as a cover crop is nothing new to the gardening scene – just mine i guess – THE MAN (Masanobu Fukuoka) wrote extensively about this concept and you can read lots more about him […]


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