smart young’ns

its not the years in your life that count. its the life in your years!

~abe lincoln

yes, i know i used this quote the other day, but it just makes so much sense! AND maybe the magnet at my desk reminds me how awesome this quote is too :0)

take the six kids highlighted in today’s article on Treehugger, they arent letting their minority status stop them from making an impact in our world… true inspirations to everyone out there sitting on the fence of change!

Birke Baehr, at the ripe age of 12 years, has become an organic food activist, encouraging kids and adults to avoid industrially farmed food, genetically modified foods (GMO), pesticides, and herbicides.

he spreads the word on how GMO foods have been proven to cause cancer in lab animals, highlighting how almost all of the corn we eat has been genetically modified and it happens to be one of the top ingredients in the processed foods that we eat … scary truth huh?!

OR, Cole Rasenberger, the now 10 year old, who started his efforts at the age of 8 when he was given an assignment in school to ‘become an activist’. through research he discovered that forests in NC were being cut down to make fast food packaging for fast food companies like McDonald’s and KFC.

with a lot of determination, this lil guy got his ENTIRE elementart school to send postcards to these fast food companies, requesting they switch to recycled packaging.

AND – his plan worked!! McDonalds changed their ways, and he hasn’t stopped with just them. through his continued efforts, hopefully all of the fast food chains will follow suit.

Keep on rocking that GRIT KIDz!

check out the others [here]


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