what do you do when you find yourself too lazy to take the elevator down 8 flights to steal some dressing from the cafeteria at work on your lunch break? i mean, seriously, thats about 7.26 minutes of your life that you could spend doing something way more productive, right?!

why dear watson, you im-PRO-vise, that’s what you do!

in the depths of my cube drawers i was able to scrounge up some honey, a couple packets of mustard, salt and pepper ~ PRESETO ~ homemade honey mustard dressing… and no fancy store bought bottle required!

what do you do when you’re on the bus friday afternoon trying to kick back a cold one with the hubster, while reading a book, and talking with your hands, AND needing a cup holder?

triple points for the front pocket on my purse – i’ll always have a portable cup holder with this bit of goodness!

ive gotta admit tho, for how crafy i like to deem myself, front-running the pack has got to be the Tipnut. if i’m ever at a roadblock and need some inspiration, i’ll hit up this site and continue to be amazed time after time. if you havent ventured over there yet, head there now! you may find your minds abilities forever altered. this site sends out a weekly newsletter on wednesdays packed full of random uses for things you never thought to use it for, project ideas and more.

and dont forget to give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back next time you find yourself im-PRO-vising  with unusual suspects… if you remember to, pass the findings this way, i’ll add your idea to a post!!

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  1. Posted by Nance on 2011/06/27 at 14:18

    Thanks for the site information . Signing up now.


  2. […] the jar tongs to place them back into the water bath… and yes, you can see, i had to improvise to create a make-shift grate for the bottom, who knew you can’t place glass right on the […]


  3. […] mind the broomstick/chair make-shift rack – i told you i was crafty […]


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