>screenin the rayz


over memorial day weekend, as most of the shore folk did, i hit up the beach to soak in some glorious rays after a lonnnnng cold winter. toting my trusty bag o’ beach stuff (it stays packed year round – you never know when you’ll need to jet to the beach last minute!), which happened to include last years sunscreen. [ive been putting on sunscreen before i leave for the beach for years – idk why, maybe its due to the old wives tale ~ sun screen takes 30 minutes to soak in… but ill always take along a bottle for re-application] wellzzz, when de-Pa decides to NOT follow the rules and apply his sunscreen at the beach, tossing the now empty bottle at me… i knew a trip to the drug store was due

is anyone else as severely overwhelmed going to the drugstore to buy sunscreen as i am?! not only do you need to determine which brand you’d like, or style (waterproof, sweatproof, sandproof, bulletproof), then the SPF question comes into play. do i feel like turning into a lobster or being casper the friendly ghost all summer long?! 
thankfully our good ol’ govermental peeps at the FDA are f-i-n-a-l-l-y rolling out a plan to make this whole process a little bit easier on us… only 30 years past due!
right now: the standards for protection in sunscreen apply only to ultraviolet B rays (which cause sunburn). under the new rules, it will also have to protect against ultraviolet A rays (which are the skin cancer and early aging causing ones)  
even better – anything under SPF 15 will have to carry a warning label “This product has been shown to only help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer or early aging”
“Broad Spectrum” is the keyword to look for, the FDA is using it to describe products that block out both the UVA and UVB rays

some more sunscreen rules going into effect:
companies can no longer make claims like ‘waterproof’ and ‘sweatproof’
capping the highest SPF at 50
unless the company can provide test results of supporting a higher number
and to ease your shopping experience pain until these come into effect, some companies have already adopted these measures :0) – Coppertone and Neutrogena

some more sun related facts:
last year about 69,000 people in the US were diagnosed with melanoma
9,000 died from it
$2 BILLION is spent treating the disease each year  
LUBE UP with the ‘right’ stuff!!


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