>ima be awesome today


~*a guest post*~
today started like any ol’ day… the daily cleaning from the mama bear
after that, i decided to head over to my friends house 
he’s always full of fun-ness
on the way there i snapped a pic of these guys
didn’t i see you last night on my N64?!
my friend thought itd be fun to go swimming
at first i said, ‘i’ll follow your lead’
and it’s a good thing i decided not to jump in 
 this monster was lerking in the depths
 and then millions of these crazy fish started flying
 but its a good thing the frizard (frog/lizard) was on our side…
saved the day, really – ate the whole lot
phew am i exhausted!
self portraits are always a must
just when i was about to call it day, i thought to myself
~*until next time*~


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