>where is the love


if this blog post’s subject line doesn’t automatically pop Black Eyed Pea’s ‘Where is the love’ into your head… well, i hope me mentioning it now does the trick

ive been following Whole Living’s blog for a while now; not only do i love their interesting/informative/enlightening articles that pop up in my gReader every day, but now that i know some of the ladies from the website will be participating with me in the Danskin Women’s Triathlon in September… oooh, like icing on the cake my man!
speaking of that tri – training officially started for me yesterday!! the hubster so affectionately stated ‘well, i guess i’ll see you at the finish line’ … hehe, what can i say, the man knows what makes me happy and doesnt bat an eyelash when asked ‘could you spend your sunday morning kayaking around the bay acting as my lifeguard while i get my open-water swim sesh on?!’. speaking of love….
their article i read the other day highlighted ways to be more compassionate. in the dog-eat-dog / eye-for-an-eye world we live in, we can so easily overlook compassion for others while treading in our own rough waters… you can start today by taking a step back to:

see diversity as divine
it’s okay to be different
be kind to strangers
hold a door for someone
smile more often
help a person in need
don’t judge what you can’t understand 
there are many of other ways to be compassionate ~ if every single one of us tries just one way, each day, to bring more compassion into our lives… could you imagine what the outcome would be?!


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