>growin the goods


this past week of abnormally warm weather seemed to make the whole yard begin to bust at the green seams – i – l o v e – i t!
since i am so lonnnnng overdue with an update on the garden,
here’s a lil taste of the goods ive got a’cookin:
the beautious raised beds me and (mostly) the hubster made this spring
starting from the top
onions, beets, carrots, beans, peppers, vine ripe tomatoes, grape tomatoes

from the top again
cucumbers, green and yellow squash, winter squash, pumpkins

lechuga on the fence – far farrrr away from those cute lil bunnies

corn and sunflowers – mmm, i can taste the grilled corn already

someone sneaking a peak

ive been consuming these bits of goodness for days now
they rarely make it in the house

patiently waiting on the blueberries to ripen

what is this?! i cant remember what seeds i put in

keeping a close eye out for the naughty one

chamomile that re-seeded itself from last year
and with some vengeance!
raspberries trying to survive against those birds
 this beauty is a peggy martin rosebush, its perfect for someone who doesnt like thorns and has a tendancy to kill plants easily
the story goes, “it was one of only two plants surviving 20 feet of salt water over the garden of Mrs. Peggy Martin, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in late August, 2005″ – and yes jule + dookie, i do think of you when i look at it :0)
i got this last spring, a wee lil bit of roots and some stems, and the baby just took off the second it got in the ground…
coming back in almost quadruple its size
 LOVE IT :0)
next up – installing the rain water barrel off of the gutter… 
ps – do you have a garden? any tips to share?!  


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