>happy RUNning day!


today is National Running Day – celebrate in sty-leee by lacing up your sneaks and hitting the streets with some friends, solo, a pooch… whatever it takes!
at the top of their website theres a ticker scrolling of excerpts people have submitted on their ‘I run….’ menu. there’s lots of different reasons one may decide to take up running… health, change, diet, racing, etc – the list can go on forever. so i had to jump into the game! on their site i put in about three different ideas, then quickly deleted them, only to truly think to myself, ‘why Mel, WHY do you really run’
and then this scrolled across the screen
“I run because I can”
it stuck out to me like a sore thumb.
how often do we take for granted the things we are able to do so easily that other people cannot… it made me realize, i’ve got all of the reason i need right here ON me and IN me.
i run because i can… i’ll continue to run because they can’t

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  1. […] did it last year and i’m doing it again – celebrate the day by hitting the trails, streets, boardwalk, […]



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