>are you a paraskevidekatriaphobic


HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!
i dare you to say this one ten time fast = paraskevidekatriaphobic
orrrrr, how about friggatriskaidekaphobia
what the H does that mean anyway?! dearest watson, it’s the fancy man’s term for an irrational fear of Friday the 13th … if you find yourself staying home today, not going to work, not eating in restaurants, and, well… pretty much being a hermit for the day… you may now self diagnose this criz-ay-zee-ness. join the party, 21 million other people feel just like you!
where did this whole superstition get started?! are you a believer?
i searched the world wide web for quite a clip and came up with farrrrr too many origins, many more than would fit in one blog post for the day, so lets just leave it at: it may or may not have originated in ancient times and it may or may not have been first documented in 1869 … the origin is just as vague as the ramifications of the day, you agree?!
about.com has a pretty decent write up of a bunch of the different theories if you reallllllly want to know
so who else is watchin some old-school Jason movies anoche?!

PS – does anyone else wonder where the 13th floor in their building went?
i do, e-v-e-r-y day!!


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