>oatz in a jar


last night while giving me a hand watering the plants in the yard i get a ‘oh, btw, i DID NOT like your post today’ from the hubster, with a big ‘ol smile on his face :0) i guess he’s not feeling my ‘save the dandelions’ movement?! then he adds ‘if only i could have written back something for everyone to see’ … ‘uhhhhh, hun? you see that “post a comment” section at the bottom of every post?’ … ‘yeah’ … ‘its where you post a comment for everyone to see’ – somewhere in outerspace a lightbulb turned on and a monkey saw the light
i digress… so anyways, there was a slight eeek squealed in our kitchen last night – of enjoyment of course – when i saw that my jar of sunflower seed butter was almost gone … do you know what that means?!
dun dun dunnnnnnnn – OVERNIGHT OATS IN A JAR!!
i’ll admit, i was feeling KERF inspired when i saw this nearly empty jar sitting nicely on my fridge door. i put the usual fixin’s in and wait patiently for morning to come… that’s when the party in your mouth really gets started
and the best part – no containers to take home and clean – SCORE!
ps, this sunflower seed butter does not compare at all to the greatness inside of Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter… it has more of a peanuty taste, which i find i miss the taste of quite often, but TJ managed to fill that void quite nicely :0) – GO TJ’s!


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