>a dandy lit’l lion


for how ugly a lot of people make these babies out to be, i kinda think theyre actually pretty, especially when you see them popping up all over the neighborhood, properly inviting springtime into town
you can find all of the dandelions that used to be in our yard in the bottom of a compost pile or garbage can somewhere – the hubster = NOT a big fan – anything that taints his ‘springtime baby’ aka our yard, meets a similar match…
what ive failed to enlighten him about – until now! :0) – are all of the great things these ‘weeds’ can really do for you and your family:
they are a tasty springtime treat
yes, you can throw some cleaned leaves into your salad mix
fry the leaves up into fritters
brew the leaves into a strong tea or wine
they clean up toxicity in the environment and the human body
dandelion root
a known liver tonic
helps the body detox
digestive bitter
stimulates the release of bile and other necessary gastric secretions
dandelion leaf
herbal diuretic
stimulates and tones kidneys
aids in water elimination
great source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin A and C
i dare you not to smile when you blow the seeds into the wind and reminisce about your childhood
use the flower head as yellow ‘body paint’ – note: do not do this on the way to school/work, it isn’t the easiest to wash off
you can harvest them right out of your own yard – as long as they are thoroughly cleaned and from an unsprayed area – and i hear the smaller the leaf the less bitter it is, so pick them early, unless you’re a sucker for that sour/bitter-face feeling

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  1. […] DANDELION in addition to lowering blood pressure, it’s good for the liver, eyes, and skin also a natural diuretic, helps reduce blood pressure by releasing excess sodium without the loss of potassium excess sodium raises blood pressure by constricting blood vessels, while potassium helps regulate it loaded with magnesium, which dissolves blood clots and stimulates the production of nitric oxide, helping to relax and dilate blood vessels for better blood flow […]



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