>on to the other side


i joked with the sales girl at the shoe store about how she was converting me over to the dark side … after trying on 5 different pairs of minimalist running sneaks, my favs ended up being the Green Silence by Brooks
i wanted soooooo badly to like the Mizunos, i really did, and i blame it completely on the nepotism i feel towards their Wave Riders i normally run in … but the Brooks just hit all of the nails on the head and found their way into my shopping bag
tonight – the road test! i am soooo looking forward to my first .3 miles with them. the word on the street is to start incorporating them into your training with 10% of your run, a week – baby steps grasshoppa, baby steps
but for now, eating leftover cake is a top priority. who says allergy free eating has to be taste-less and boring?
made this masterpiece bday/mothersday cake for my bro and the mama’s for yesterdays bbq using none other than Cherrybrook Kitchen’s chocolate cake mix and vanilla icing, along with some of mother natures tasty berry goodness-es
is it rude that i didnt offer cake leftovers to the birthday boy?! mwahahaha :0)

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