>to bare or not to bare


im sure most of you have seen/heard about this whole minimalist/barefoot running movement sweeping the nation… what do you think of it all?

my first real experience with it was last summer: i was riding my bike down this paved trail in our area and did a double take as i rode past this guy running along with no shoes on … yes, you read me right, with NO SHOES on! the soles of his feet were shaded a nice hue of asphalt black as he was trotting on like it was any old day. stones, sticks, hypodermic needles – they stood no chance against his weathered soles! all he needed was a cape and an awesome helmet and i would have mistaken him for some new-age action figure….
i have to admit , i have been thinking about this whole movement from that day forward…
what is it all about?
does it really work?
or are those people just another to add to the list of crazies we have floating around?!
well… now that marathon training is over and tri season gets into swing in about a month, ive got some time to play around and figured, hellz, my feet hurt all of the time as it is with this plantar fasciitis crap i have going on… so i’m jumping on the wagon and hopefully my 50:50 odds of pain to no pain will play out on the brighter side :0)
i’m starting off my adventure, as any other researched crazed person would do, by reading ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall. why? because that’s what all of the cool kids are doing!! (ma n pa dukes – btw, i did not fall this easily to peer pressure in school)
picked up a copy on my lunch break – borders, why are you so conveniently located steps away from my building lobby?! dugg into the first few chapters… already cannot put the book down and am patiently awaiting my bus ride home to get even further into this goodness :0)
so far, my fave excerpt:
How come my foot hurts?
Because running is bad for you.
Why is running bad for me?
Because it makes your foot hurt.
But why? Antelope don’t get shin splints. Wolves don’t ice-pack their knees. I doubt 80 percent of all wild mustangs are annually disabled with impact injuries.
next stop = road runner sports – this weekend me and their shoe dog have a date to find the perfect pair of minimalist sneaks for me to embrace this movement with… i really would like to say i’m fully embracing it by going all out bare-ed-ness, but the idea of having to pull glass shards out of my foot after a run just doesn’t sound as fun as kicking off my sneaks – but what do i know!
will be back this w/e with a sneak’a update…

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