>the missing link


it was like i put out my question to the universe and it answered me back… i think there may be a book out there about that concept :0)
patiently waiting in my inbox this morning was a newsletter from active.com with an article so fittingly titled ‘pick up the pace with a track workout

ummm – HELLLLLO! i was just wondering the other day how to get faster and improve my speed!! hmmm… so, if i make the miles go by faster, would it feel like i didn’t run as many?!

highlights from the article i’m getting started with:

In and Outs
run the straight sections of the track at a fast pace, recover with slow jogging around the turns
run intervals of 100, 200, 400, 200 and 100 meters all at race pace, recover by jogging the same distance as the interval you just performed
run four to six 400-meter repeats at your goal 5k pace, jogging 400 meters between efforts
not too many numbers or instructions to remember while im whizzing around the track and these actually seem pretty doable on a work night to pound the local track for about an hour… who’s with me?!


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