>half in the bag


2:05 for my FIRST half marathon – owwwwwwwwwwww :0)

my prediction was off by 5 minutes, i blame it on the newbie status… next year it is ON!!

words can not even be used to explain how cool of a feeling racing in your first event is… to know you put your body and mind through months of training, all to come together for this ONE day, it is quite remarkable looking back now to see just how far your body will take you, with the right amount of training and love

i was on a runner’s high from the minute my aunt picked me up – before the sun even came up! – until i was vegging on the couch that night icing my achey knees (tell me how your knees feel after pounding the pavement for 2+ hours!)… i actually think i still may have a bit of the high leftover because i just signed up to do this all again next year… in which we actually will come in under 2 hours! im shooting for a 1:45 – at least – but we’ll see how it goes… i feel like doing this once before i kinda know now what i need to tweak to be faster for next years race. queue the sinister laugh – mwahahahaha

what i learned in the past 12 weeks:
more icing/stretching after the long runs
i cannot say enough about how important it is to keep your muscles as flexible and limber as possible… all of those pains and aches start popping up when i slack in this area
more interval training
even though i did a fair amount of this, i know ill need to work even harder at this to get faster
keep up the hill training
even though i cursed the hills in my neighborhood as i was giving it my all to climb up and down them, i thank my lucky stars i was crazy enough to tackle them weekly – it really helped running a flat race after doing all of that hill work
more massages
i failed completely in this area except for two days before the race when my body was just saying ‘no more’… note to self, book more of these!
AND stop thinking so much
when i got to the 10 mile mark, i told myself, ‘just a 5k to go’, then it set really in, ‘a 5k to go?!?!’… having only run up to 10 miles in training, it was like i hit a mental/physical block and for some reason that last 5k felt like it used up everything i had left inside of me. next year, there will be no block at the 10 mile mark! i know i can do this now and i personally plan on kicking that last 5k’s @$$

there’s lots more to add to this list, but wasting any more time beating myself up over the ‘i told you so’s’ is SO-NOT-WORTH-IT… eh-hem, moving forward!

ive got TWO sprint tri’s on the plate for the end of this summer that ill start to spearhead the training on come mid-june. until then, im working on getting my 5k race speed up to par … anyone have any helpful hints on speed, speed, SPEED?!

p.s. heres me, my aunt, my cousin’s neighbor and my cousin – lookin all perty, soakin in the rays before the race

i wouldn’t normally post a personalized shot such as this, but its available to anyone and their mother on the race’s website, so… and pss, those arm warmers im rocking, TOTALLY happy i bought them the week before the race. they kept me nice and warmed up during the pre-race waiting around and were easy enough to slide down once i got going

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