>the best of YOU


hola blog readers :0)
you may have thought i fell off of a cliff, or got lost in a deep cavern… maybe even abducted by some of the little green men from mars… rest assured – i am STILL treading along on planet earth… 
got a little tied up in some humanly business this past month. ie, lots of new responsibilities at work (JC tells me its job security … im begging to differ), training for a half marathon (which is THIS WEEKEND!!!!), getting the veggie garden started (the little guys are a’growing away in my beauty-ous greenhouse), and all of the other accouterments that revolve around living (use your imagination)
i think i can safely say i can now get back into the swing of these blog things
and on that note, id like to share a beautiful bit of goodness i just read on this blog i check out here and there – gracefulfitness – about highlighing the best in yourself. FAR too often we look at just the negatives, Faith so eloquently reminds us:
This is about each of us identifying what old, useless, negative thoughts we are holding onto about our bodies.  The energy put into these thoughts is better spent taking action on the things you can change and this is the intention I will foster in my next decade.

what is the best of you and what can you change about yourself today?


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