>pranks to pull


in case you haven’t fooled anyone yet today and have a big ol’ brain fart on how to really get your next victim, here’s some of the classic pranks: 
put a rubberband around the sprayer attached to the sink faucet, wait patiently in the sidelines for the soggy reaction from the victim  
poke holes in the side of a paper/plastic cup then give it to someone to drink out of  
unscrew the cap of a salt shaker and place the cap back on top so it appears closed  
tape a dollar bill to the end of a fishing line on a fishing pole, hide and wait to reel your victim in  
glue a coin to the floor of a busy place and wait to see who tries to pick it up  
were you fooled today?! did you fall for Google’s yearly pranksterness with the Gmail Motion?!


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