>moo milk … no thank you


as reported in the New York Times today, low levels of radiation – from Japan’s nuclear craziness going ons – have been found in American milk
check out the full article here 
all more the reason to not drink cow’s milk!!
i gave up the cow milk months ago, due to allergies… but this article def had me thanking my coconut milk!!
hopefully the cows are going to be okay… would this effect our beef products as well?! looks like the.wonderer has some digging to do in that matter!

2 responses to this post.

  1. >All the more reason not to eat beef, then, too!!! Did you know it is the worst food for the Earth? It causes the most farm-related pollution and takes up the most land to grow. And is probably the least healthy meat for you.


  2. >I should have added that this is Becky, but I don't remember my Google Login, and I'm not upstairs with it. I'll find it out for the future.



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