>wouldnt it be nice if …


all movies were half as good as their trailers
coffe was already brewed when you woke up
shopping carts would never roll into our car
dry cleaning came without plastic overwrap and twistie ties
spell check actually werked
magic markers never dried out
newspapers were delivered directly to your doorstep
you never got ‘order envy’ at a restaurant
there wasn’t always one flavor in the mixed assortment that no one liked
socks and Tupperware always matched
we never needed an umbrella or ice scraper again
our favorite shoes lasted forever
$3 golf balls never got lost… or, they made good ones for a quarter
there were shorter weeks and longer weekends
the new-car smell lasted forever
you could remember everyone’s name and why you know them
someone could explain why The Kardashians are important
library books could return themselves
you could love watching the same DVDs as many times as your kids do
there were no mosquitos
bbqs and swimming pools were self cleaning
you could remember all of your passwords
ps – this is a quasi-guest-blog-post… i’m currently soaking up some sweeeeeet rays while visiting the familia in florida… de pa left me some articles in my ‘mailbox’ at their house with notes “ISOTFB Info for Mel”… too cute, thanks dad for keeping an eye out for good bloggin stuff :0)


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