>gotcha green thumb?!


okay, i have to start off with a gross admission, the idea for this post came from seeing a big ol’ blister on my brothers thumb saturday night, he was working out in his garden all day and i guess when you work at a computer all day the sandpaper-hands effect that JC has just isn’t there… luckily the convo was over before we all ate!
did you ever wonder where the term ‘green thumb’ came from?

i guess i never really wondered because i kinda just associated a garden being green with the ‘green‘ness of the phrase. ya know, like someone whos really good in a garden would obviously have a green thumb, how else do all of those seeds get planted?!
well, it turns out i have been kinda wrong for over a quarter of a century… darn
the term ‘Green Thumb’ actually derives from two possible sources – per the Old Farmer’s Almanac:
the ‘green thumb’ prize would be given to the serf who had the greenest colored thumb … King Edward I of England thoroughly enjoyed his fresh peas, so much so that he wanted his serfs to always be bringing in a constant supply. after hours of shelling, its inevitable ones thumbs would turn so green
the handling of clay pots encrusted with algae stain the gardener’s thumb
or another similar explanation
if you pinch back a plant to promote new growth, you use your thumb and forefinger, the chlorophyll stains your thumb green
i really thought i was going to stumble upon some weird disease that creeps into your thumb after getting a blister on it from working with tools in the garden – totally what T was eluding to on saturday night!!! leave it to the brothers to never cease in grossing you out :0)

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