>powa gelz


ive been doing a lot of researching lately on proper fueling for this race ive been training for… there is just so much information out there i almost feel inundated at times!
does anyone have any input on proper fuelage?! please tell me, i’m all ears!!

i did pick up some of those power gel packs at our local running store… i still have yet to try them out, as i’m thinking a 5 miler is not quite conducive for needing a mid-run fuelage of any sorts… altho, this coming weekend i start kicking up my milage and i want to get this fuel stuff figured out (i.e. does my stomach like it?!) before the BIG DAY!
then i got thinking… why would i want/need to put these fabricated products into my body when mother nature has a miraculous way of doing just the same?!

id been holding on to this snippet from the desk calendar i had last year… if i remembered the name of it id tell you, but for some reason i cant find any credits for the author anywhere… sorry bout that (if you are the author and read this, tell me and i’ll put in the creds where due!)

so here it is, quite simple and packs all of the fuelage stuff thats in the store bought ones, minus the ingredients you cant pronounce:

add one of the following to 2 T honey:
2 T. peanut butter
2 T. apple butter
half a banana
combine these in a blender until smooth and creamy
add 1 t. lemon juice – to cut the sweetness – and blend again

this can be carried in a fuel bottle (found at a sporting goods stores) or a small ziplock baggie (you can bite/tear off the end when ready to consume)

how easy is that?! tasty to consume, easy to make, and you actually know exactly whats in it – LOVE it!

oh, and dont you know it, i picked up a palm sized fuel bottle this past weekend… you know me and my gadgets

word on the street is to down this at about the 6, 7, or 8 mile mark (depending on how you feel) out of the 13.1… i’m trying it out this weekend on my longie, will let you know how it goes!!


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