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some of you may have already started to daydream about soaking up the rays and enjoying the beach this summer, as for the others who are still stuck dreaming of the sugar plum fairies, did you know that summer is just about 15 weeks away?! and yes, i know i totally skipped over spring – im a tru shore girl, what can i say :0)
theres no time like the present to get started on toning up your bod so you can strut your stuff with confidence! a little birdie asked me if there are any ‘exercises that you could recommend that would be KIND to my back that would tighten my mid area pouch’ – you ask, i answer!
the first stop on the train to getting a flatter stomach is upping your metabolic rate… cardio, cardio, cardio!! its such a common misconception, just doing some sit-ups is not the only key to a toned mid section. you have to decrease your overall body fat to start to see any effects of the hard work you’re putting in with your exercises. im not saying you have to start training for a half marathon, a brisk – get your heart pumpin – 30 min walk before or after dinner a couple of nights a week, maybe add in a nice bike ride on the weekend, that’s really all it takes to get started.
the next stop on the train is the actual exercises… there are LOTS out there, but all you really need is you, a mat to protect your bod from the hard floor and some good ol’ determination to not give up even when you start to feel the burn. some of the things mentioned below also require dumbbells and/or an exercise ball… if you don’t have these, don’t get them just because of this, skip to the next exercise instead!
my first rec is def pilates. i discovered this wonderful world about 5 years ago and fell in LOVE, hardcore… to this day, i don’t think there is anything that compares to the results you achieve in a pilates class or practicing with a video/dvd. the exercises tone your entire body with concentration on your core, all while improving your flexibility too… er, who doesn’t love the win-wins?!
some more recs:
from Fitness Magazine’s “From Flab to Fab: Tone Up in 15 Minutes” – includes yoga-ish moves, not the traditional crunches and sit ups methods… gentle, back loving exercises

from About.com’s “Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises” 
& “Best Abdominal Exercises and Core Workouts” – included in these mixes are things like the bicycle, exercise ball crunches, vertical crunches, and planks… the key is to do a bunch of different ones because each targets different areas of your core
these tips and tricks should get you off to a good start. don’t forget to pace yourself, the pyramids weren’t built overnight, your mid area pouch goes by the same terms! its going to take some time and commitment, but stick to it and you will be happily rewarded

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  1. Posted by hann on 2011/03/10 at 10:05

    >The moment you cannot feel your lower abs working or you feel other muscles are doing the exercise for you, stop. Take your time. Rushing through a lower abdominal exercise is never a good idea. It doesn matter how quickly you can get the reps done. Its more important to be controlled as you do them. When you do these abdominal exercises quickly, youe decreasing their effectiveness.



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