this weekend was a win win all around! i made my second successful batch of chocolate chip cookies (that i can actually enjoy too!) and ran 5 miles without feeling like i was going to keel over… i think im on to something with those new supps and remembering to not overindulge during the w/e festivities 😉

i baked these cookies last weekend to bring to a neighbors house… they so graciously invited us over for dinner and im never one to come empty handed. luckily they have an 8 year old who i knew would be the best guinea pig to try out the new chocolate chip cookie mix i found while adventuring in the newly remodeled stop & shop… he goes, mel, why do you keep asking me if i like them, theyre cookies, of course i do! lol… i guess they passed the test!

i tried them out again at the bro’s bday fiesta with the fam this weekend, being there is another GF family member who was going to be there and we surrrrre do love our desserts… altho, she always manages to whip up some amazing goodness to bring along too! another success… so here’s the scoop:

i found this mix at my local stop & shop, altho the mama dukes said she did see it at our foodtown

i think these would be especially easy to make for a classroom full of kids allergic to who knows what… nobody even has to know they dont have the usual allergen suspects in tow… hope you enjoy them as much as i did!


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