>sharing cookies


i had a completely different post lined up for today until this email popped into my inbox. it came from a friend, and i say that lightly because shes one of those people in your life that neither require nor fit any label, they just are the awesomesauce that they are and there aint no other way to explain them
grasshoppa (as we call each other) and i have been working with each other for almost five years. it may seem strange to others to hear that she lives halfway across the country and ive only met her in person once, but the connection that the two of us have through emails and phone calls is enough for me to consider her a dear part of my life


how many times has something like this happened to you and you were standing there with that ‘jaw dropped look’ on your face…. wondering… what the H did i just do?!

honestly, there really is nothing you can do. what happened, happened. the moment passed and you cant take it back. you can however learn from it, grow from it, and become a better person from it.
in the lovely words of Albert Einstein:
learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
happy Friday to all!


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