>running with dawgz


‘hey BudBud, do you wannnnnnnnna…
come for a run with me?!’
his tail turns into a lethal weapon, he starts pacing up and down the hallway waiting for me to finish stretching… i really have to start remembering to not tell him until im actually ready to go out the door!! but this face he gives you, its just priceless and cracks me up every single time!
the two of us were quite the site to see last night… theres me with a headlamp on, a red flashing strobe light strapped to the back of my collar, a reflective vest on, leash strapped around my waist (i know, a big ol’ safety geek! but im scared to death to get hit by a car, it happens to runners more often than you think) and of course, the Budman – ready to sprint down to the harbor with his flashy red harness on… why have i been leaving him at home on my outdoor night runs is beyond me, but last night i decided the easy 2 miler i had planned would be the perfect opportunity to get the pooch’s running legs back in gear
running with your dog is probably one of THE BEST exercises both physically and mentally for them, even though they try to tell you they need to fulfill their quota of sleeping 23 hours a day… the sights, smells and release of energy provided on the run is just a nice ol’ recipe for a long, healthy life for them… just like you need!!
it can give you a sense of security on your normally solo runs, no one has to know your dog will actually maul them with slobbery kisses versus chomping off their leg
you always have a ready, willing, and happy, running partner… even on the rainy days
the vigorous exercise will expunge their extra energy, hopefully deterring them from munching on your new sneaks
you get the occasional look from them, ‘you call ‘this’ running ma?!’
until they get used to the runs, you may be halted for the tree, fire extinguisher, fence, pretty much anything, pee stops
squirrels, flying leaves, cats… anything passing by can be another reason for fido to drift off and want to go chasing after something… again, the more they get used to it, the less this happens
some things to think about before the two of you head out the door:
breed, age and personality – not all dogs are created equal! the bow legged bulldog may not make the greatest running partner, working/hunting breeds on the other hand live for this kinda stuff
they should know the basic commands, ‘especially’ heel – crossing busy streets, passing by other pedestrians… this is clutch
start out slow – just because you’ve been running for a while doesn’t mean fido’s going to be able to keep up with your pace the entire time, build them up gradually just like you had to do
bring along water for them on longer runs (more than 25 minutes), they cant tell you theyre thirsty but that growing tongue sure is a good sign
grass and dirt trails are far better for their paws than rocks, asphalt and concrete
so what are you waiting for?! get out your butt out there and bring along the pooch!
don’t have a dog to run with? ask a friend or relative, i’m sure they’d be happy to send you out the door with their fuzzy one!!


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