>chicka chicka slim eggy


have any of you fancied the idea of raising your own backyard chickens? or do you already have the cute little guys roaming around your yard?! 

in this months natural awakenings newsletter, they highlight how easy it is to raise your own chickens… i wasn’t really sure how easy it would be, but after reading this article and doing a little research, im starting to think Buddy may have a backyard mate in the near future!

just think, fresh eggs in the morning, straight from your own source, you can give/sell the extras to neighbors, friends and family

if you’re thinking of getting started, here are some links that may finally take you off of the fence on this one:

BackYard Chickens
my Pet Chicken
My Backyard Chicken Farm
Urban Chickens
The Backyard Chicken Site

 why raise chickens?


theyre easy and inexpensive to maintain – compared to other pets
the eggs are fresh, great tasting & nutritious – contain twice the omega-3 fatty acids, three times the vitamin E, and one-third the cholesterol of conventional eggs
pest control – they love eating cockroaches, tomato horn worms, aphids, grubs, or any other pest you don’t want in your yard or garden, even mice!
free fertilizer – chicken poop is high in nitrogen and a great add in to your compost pile
great pets – just like cats and dogs, chickens have personalities too and can be great companions
if you have a backyard chicken or end up getting started because of this post, i would LOVE to hear all about the furry little member/s of your family!
send me an email at insideofthefishbowl at gmail dot com :0)

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  1. […] whipped up lots of grilled veggies and a cucumber salad… now if i only had those backyard chickens, they would have made their way to the grill […]



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