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lets get today’s fiesta started on the right foot

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!yuup, you read me right, its national pancake day…

IHOP created this day in 2006 and they’re serving FREE pancakes, today only, from 7am to 10pm… free (errrr, donations are suggested), but hey, its for a great cause, theyre hoping to raise $2.3 million for the Children’s Miracle Network and other local charities

breakfast for lunch = brunch?
breakfast for dinner = brinner?

while we’re on the topic, i found some neat food facts:

sweet potatoes vs yams
how often do you see a yam or sweet potato in the foodstore and automatically think, half a dozen of one, six of the other… whats the big diff?! actually they really are two different vegetables! true yams are starchier, less sweet and drier, more like a regular potato. either way… they both taste mighty deeee-lish-ous

london broil
the term ‘london broil’ used to be the way people described a method of cooking lean beef cuts like flank steak or top round. you would pan fry it quickly on medium high to high heat, cook it only to medium rare, then slice it thinly on the diagonal. the term evolved over the years to a method of marinating, and then either grilling or broiling the steak. today’s london broil is normally refered to as what the butchers sell, a cut of beef that is called a london broil, its typically a couple inches thick and is top round

mom was right, eating carrots does help your eyesight. vitamin a is known to prevent ‘night blindness’ and carrots are loaded with them

meat & potatoes
when a source of vitamin C (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes) is eaten with meat or cooked dry beans, the body makes better use of the iron in the protein food… note to self, dont tell JC, even more of a reason for him to gloat in his meat and potatoes loving ways!

enjoy your free pancakes :0)


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