>up the supps


every once in a blue moon i try to convince myself that maybe im really not cut out for this whole running thing. my ego.. the inner demons.. doubts.. the list of culprits can go on forever… and the scariest part is that i sometimes come thissssss close to giving in. my capricorn-ed-ness makes me a stubborn little one and some days i truly am my own worst enemy

just this past weekend i had a spat with the inner Mel… sunday’s 5-miler on the Hook felt like i was seconds away from throwing in the flag and bowing out of this half marathon training… my stubbornness kept me trucking on, and even though i wouldn’t settle for anything slower than a 10 minute mile, my insides were screaming at me the entire way. after a very long hot shower, replenishment in the form of coconut water and a ham and cheese sandwich, i decided it was time to listen to my body and make a positive change in my active future.

  i hit up my knowledgeable buddies at our local natural foods store and filled them in on my predicament. btw – these guys are the BEST! if you live by this store and are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, these are the dudes to talk to, they love helping out their customers.

within minutes i had a tub of L-Glutamine in hand and a box of Joint Health… these newbies are now added to the list of the supps i’ve been taking (multis, the B’s, folic acid, calcium, iron, omegas, betaine hci, probiotics) and a strict note to self will have to be enforced – do not overindulge at the wine bar on a night before a longer run! i think ive got meself a sweet recipe brewing for a healthier nourished body

from what ive researched, the L-Glutamine will help maximize muscle recovery, buffer lactic acid and reduce muscle catabolism (when theres more negative than postitive agents working for you in your body)

and this Joint Health is packed with body loving goodess like gluclosamine, nutrients, b vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants

any seasoned pros out there have any tips/tricks of the trade for fueling your body with all of the goodness it needs to be a better/stronger athlete? i’m alllll ears!

my aunt told me about this t-shirt she saw at the gym ‘your workout is my warm-up’… i hope to have the backing to successfully rock that T some day soon, as i continue to take on my workouts and training with this motto in mind!

sooo i guess the moral of the story is – some days you just have a bad run, some days you need to really listen to what your body is telling you, and some days you need to tell your inner monologue NO, you CAN do this!!


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