>spring sprang sprung


todays beautiful weather has been longggggg awaited! i just love the time of year when there is still a little bit of crisp in the air but the suns rays warm you right up… the heat can be turned off, windows ajar for the first time in months, the pooch living life on his hilltop outside, so conveniently positioned in a sun filled spot…
look who else is equally as excited that spring is just around the corner
crocus‘ in the front beds… i get so excited just thinking about digging back into the dirt in the garden soon!

speaking of plants, i have been meaning to write about this,
but i needed a few weeks to show some progress
i started beets in my aerogarden 3 weeks ago

last year it seemed like it took forever to grow any eatable sized beets, so i figured id get a big jumpstart this year by planting one round of crops now, then starting up another round in a couple of months… 

but they seem to be growing so fast! this is just one week in

and here’s this past week’s progress

hopefully they like the greenhouse theyll be moving to if they keep this up!! looking forward to some beet salad… i heard dwight shrute may come to taste test


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