>the evil clown of mtown


if you’ve traveled on highway 35 through middletown and haven’t seen the ginormous clown on the side of the road pointing his red finger at you and giving you a creepy look, i would highly suggest getting your eyes checked, stat!!
why is that clown even there? when did it get built? does it have a name?
living here for my entire life you’d think i would have been able to rattle off those answers faster than the plump kids outta dodge ball, but i really had no clue at all. the local landmark that appears to keep an eye on all who pass was def on my list of wonders today…
some history behind the infamous clown:
he was constructed as an advertisement on January 18, 1956 by Joe Azzolina’s Food Circus grocery store
he’s roughly 20-30 feet tall and 10 feet wide
he is commonly referred to as the ‘Evil Clown’ even though his real name is Calico
although it is fixed now, it rotated from ’56 through the ’70s when it broke and was not repaired
a side note – Buddy’s g-pa has some history with this metallic beast – from the hubster, ‘babe, tell your blog (i crack up hearing that!), my dad and his friends were playing on it when he was a kid. His friend broke his arm while climbing it when it used to rotate. They had to hitchhike to the hospital because they were too young to drive and the guy that picked them up didn’t have any clothes on and just had a pillow over his lap’… weird/creepy story right?!
there have been numerous proposals over the years to tear it down, but with community opposition the local icon still stands
this dude isn’t even able to type and has his own facebook page! jeez i love technology :0)
he appears in the first few minutes of Clerks 2… Kevin Smith’s the man, representin’
what a life! he celebrated his 55th birthday this past january – here’s to many more years of giving highway 35 the stink eye!
speaking of bdays…
you may be states away, but we’re always thinking of you in the Jerz!


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