>shakin ya groove thang


shake it, sh-shake it, shake it, whooohooo – quick, name that tune!
what music gets you motivated? what kind of songs do you have on your running playlist?
thank you J for asking me this… ive been thinking about blogging on this topic for a while now and wasnt really sure if anyone even cared. if there is even one person out there asking, i will answer!!!
this idea couldnt have come at a better time either. strangely, last night was one of the first times since before iPods were even invented, that i ran without music. i didnt have the head phones strapped in mainly because i knew id be running on busy streets in the dark and wanted to make sure i was uber aware of my surroundings – no one wants to get knocked by a car because theyre distractedly dancing down main street, rockin the road ID or not – but i have to say, it was kinda nice to pound out 4 miles listening to the beat of my own drums and humming katy perry’s ‘teenage dream’ the entire way… i feel like i always have some song playing in my head at any given time, so i guess i dont always need the musica
but mannnnn, do i really love me-self some sweet beatz to get me moving and keep me motivated for the duration of my exercising-ness. learning from the many years spent skipping over the ‘lame’ songs, i have now enforced a strict rule for songs on my running playlist:
if i dont immediately break into dance when they come on,
theyre not allowed on the list
i’m talkin, a night at the roxybury dudes with the head bopping to the side, kinda moving… and please, dont let my brothers sway you with their brotherly comments, ‘but Mel, every song you listen to you say is your favorite’… it only happens that way because i only listen to what i LOVE!
my top ten (yea i tried for ten, but theres just too many good ones) list at this time,
and in no particular order:
flo rida – who dat girl
she aint no rockstar, but she got groupies… love the lyrics to this one!
far east movement – like a g6
mike posner – please don’t go
black eyed peas – the time (dirty bit)
you can find JC and i rocking out to this one quite often :0)
pitbull – hey baby
B.o.B – magic
metro station – shake it
head automatica – beating hearts baby
at :14 is when you can inevitably find me slamming the air drums
tommy sparks – she’s got me dancing
M, i forever thank you for introducing me to this goodness!
gorillaz – rock the house
kevin rudolf – i made it
i always save this for the last leg of whatever it is im doing.
i know, so cliche, but everyone’s got their thang!
taio cruz – dynamite
ke$ha – tik tok
this is a great one to start out anything you’re doing, exactly :31 until youre/im groovin
phoenix – 1901
david guetta – sexy b!tch
every chica should have this one on their playlist!
and last but not least
rammstein – du hast
yes, hubby laughed when he heard i had this on my list, i just love the energy that overwhelms me listening to this one… kinda like i want to crush the road/treadmill with each stride
so go DL some sweet beatz that get you moving… there is no time like the present to start an exercise routine, adding years to your life (as i like to sway my peeps with!)
oh, and next time you see somebody else playing the air drums while running on the treadmill, dont laugh or drop your jaw in disbelief (i get it all the time), hop on the machine next to them and show them some of YOUR sweet movz!


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